Loudspeaker array - Inspired Audio Optima 5

An ultra-compact, vertically arraying loudspeaker enclosure. Designed to be used in a variety of modes with the option of two enclosures pole-mounted, three to six enclosures ground-stacked, or between four and eighteen cabinets combined in flown array configuration.

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Digital Mixing Console - MIDAS PRO1

Easy to configure and operate, PRO1 sets new standards of portability and performance for compact digital consoles. Engineers already familiar with MIDAS can load existing show files straight onto PRO1 from any MIDAS digital console.

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Multi-cellular loudspeaker array - Martin Audio MLA Mini

Scalable and extremely versatile, MLA Mini is ideal for portable sound rental, small-to-medium ballroom, theatre and HoW applications and is the natural choice as an infill for MLA Compact systems.

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Powered speaker management - Lab Gruppen PLM 20000Q

PLM 20000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management couples a powerful 4-channel amplifier platform with the digital sound manipulation features of Lake Processing, affording advantages in audio quality, user functionality, rental inventory use and long-term cost savings.

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Wireless microphone receiver - Shure UR4D+

The UR4S+ and UR4D+ receivers are part of the flagship UHF-R system and provide single and dual-channel options for premium wireless. As "+"-versions these receivers include RF distribution ports that allow up to 10 receivers to share the RF signal from a single pair of antennas.

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Digital mixing console - Yamaha CL Series

Yamaha’s acclaimed Centralogic concept is the core of a refined user interface that offers a new, unprecedented level of operating efficiency in the CL series, from visual feedback right down to the form and feel of the faders and controls.

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